Thursday, 24 October 2013


Following the recent partial government shutdown, the GOP were ridiculed by the mainstream media and establishment lawmakers for their actions. Since the deal arranged by the establishment parties in Congress, the media have called it a victory for Obama and ObamaCare.

The question that needs to be asked is this: 
The government shutdown has ended… what next for the GOP?
The answer lies in The Heritage Foundation and their findings from a study called: How Will You Fare in the Obamacare Exchanges? 

It portrays a sorry tale for the millions of Americans being affected by ObamaCare and the increased premiums which they will have to pay for. 
Correct, ObamaCare was upheld in the Supreme Court and was endorsed with Obama’s election back in 2012. But that shouldn't mean that we can’t take this battle to the ‘court of public opinion’.

Congressman Peter King (R-NY) has said that the only way to defund or remove ObamaCare is by getting a majority in Congress and by taking the White House. That is the clear agenda for the GOP but the question is to how can that be done. 
The GOP is united in their ultimate goal, the problem is how to get to that place and that is where you have McCain vs. Cruz and Graham vs. Lee.

Here is a winning strategy:

Assume the GOP retains their majority in the House; there are 33 U.S. Senate seats up for election in 2014. Of those seats, 13 are currently held by Republicans and 20 are held by Democrats. The Democrats hold the majority with 54 seats to the GOP’s 46.

The GOP has the hand that can do this; all they need to do is play it smart. The key is ObamaCare and not the way they have been playing it till now.
There are 376 days until the midterm elections. Each day, the GOP should place and ad, call a press conference, a prime-time interview or a YouTube clip with members of the public actually being affected by ObamaCare and the higher premiums.

  •          Take the family of four from Virginia who will see their insurance go up by 178%!!! Interview them, ask them to explain as to how they are going to have to cut back or have lost their jobs.
  •          Speak with the 50 year old from Texas who will have to fork out 91.2% each year towards their insurance premiums as a result of the Affordable Care Act.
  •          Have a chat with the 27 year old and the so-called ‘invincible’, who will see an increase of 168.3% on their premiums.

Each and every day until November 2014, the GOP including the RNC should be buying out ad times in newspapers, radio station’s, television networks and in heavily DNC districts and bringing to the people the real impacts of Obama’s signature legislation.

The idea is to drip feed the real effect of ObamaCare to the American people, so even the layman in the street, who couldn't care about politics, is aware of the mess which is ObamaCare and who is to blame.

Each day, the GOP members, including Senators and Representatives should continuously refer to the specific name of the family or individual of the day.
When giving an interview to FOX, CNN or MSNBC – they must mention the name of that person and personalize the issue. 
When Sen.Ted Cruz says that ‘I am standing up for the millions of Americans’; I am sure he feels he is, but it just doesn't resonate as much as referring to a human being, a real case which you can visualize and empathize with.

If the GOP is really serious about taking back Congress and in turn with that, totally blunting Obama and his fundamental transformation of America this is the silver bullet.

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