Monday, 13 May 2013


So it has come out that the IRS were harassing conservative charities and organizations since 2010. The fact that such a thing has happened is a total outrage and not in keeping with what America is all about. 

Folks are outrage for obvious reasons as the concept of trust is paramount to a stable government. 

The mainstream media, other than FOX News, are playing this down as a ‘run of the mill incident’ that must be investigated. Obama, in a press conference said that this situation is an “outrage and went on to say that those responsible for the practice should be held "fully accountable."

I would kind of give Obama some credit here. He spoke with passion and really ticked all the boxes. Unfortunately, the fact is that he will do ‘sweet nothing’ about this. He is living proof of a classic politician. No principles, No idea and ultimately not accountable to anyone. 

Whilst it wouldn't surprise me if his administration was running the IRS action, the mere fact that he won’t hold his own administration accountable for the Benghazi terrorist attack is proof that he is an ‘empty suit’. 

It was a known fact that he manipulated the talking points to remove any idea of Al-Qaeda being involved and he let his own people die the most gruesome death and just watched. You can say that it wasn't really him, then why aren't we holding his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to account. She gave the green light for the troops to stand down and couldn't care less of the recriminations. Just watch her testimony to Congress and you will see that she couldn't give a damn. 

You have to ask yourself that if there was a Republican in office, would the media stay put and call it ‘old news’, ignore the evidence and stand by and watch an innocent civil servants be demonized and barred from coming forward. 
The Benghazi terrorist attack was shocking enough, the fact that Obama and Hillary Clinton covered everything up and lied to the people is sick. 

I commend anyone that comes out and demands that these people are held to account. These people are not fit to lead the greatest country in the world. 
The impeachment of President Obama is certainly on the cards with regard to the IRS. Watergate took out Nixon- IRSGate could take out Barack!!!!

You can take the boy out of Chicago........