Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Hamas terrorists on motorcycles drag one of their own through the streets. Apparently he was spying for Israel and they weren't happy with that. 
Israel has to cede land to these animals? Maybe the Muslim Brotherhood will condem this disgusting act?
Video below....if you can watch


Glenn Beck is a true friend of Israel & the Jewish people. 

You may not agree with him on some his views, you may never have heard a word he has said but from his enemies - but you certainly can't question his support of Israel and the Jewish people. 

Everyone has been watching, reading and listening to the tragic events in Israel. 
We are all worried and hope that peace will prevail in the region. When you have an enemy which is hell-bent on your destruction, it is very hard to bridge the divide. 
Sometimes the blatantly obvious needs to be said to refocus our minds. 
I believe Beck does that in this video.

Please pass this on to everyone you know. (transcript below)

I want to tell you what it's like to live in most of Israel right now.

A missile is fired by Hamas in Gaza...

A siren goes off.

You get 15 seconds to find shelter.

I want Americans to think about what that means.

If you lived in a place where missiles were fired at you...

Hundreds a day...

And you would get just 15 seconds to hide...

How would you live?

Stop what you're doing. Run to a basement. A shelter.

And if you can't make it inside...

Lie flat on the ground with your arms over your head.

That's life in Israel right now.

None of us would be willing to accept this.

None of us would have to.

Every country has a right to defend itself against terror.

But they keep telling Israel... "don't overreact!" "don't fire back!" "be careful!" "don't ramp things up!"

Let me get this straight...

If Mexico fired a missile into El Paso, you know what we would do?

If Japan fired a missile into Beijing, you know what China would do?

So why does Israel have to hold back?

Why does every country get to defend itself...

But not Israel?

Why could that be?

I think we know why.

A Jewish man was walking down the street in midtown Manhattan over the weekend.

He passed by a group of people protesting on the street.

They were holding up signs, criticizing Israel.

He was wearing a yarmulke.

So they called him a "dirty Jew."

We've seen this move before.

We've seen the terror before.

We've seen the sirens...and the bombs... and the threats.

We've even seen the insults.

"Dirty Jew."

Nothing original there.

So I think we know what's really going on here.

It has nothing to do with embargoes... or borders... or anything else that CAN be solved.

It's because Israel exists. And it's a Jewish state.

Let's be honest with ourselves.

There are some people who can't get past that.

The world's oldest hatred.


It's alive in our time. And it's not hiding.

It's right there in Gaza.

Gaza is the new Nuremberg.

The epicenter of Jew-hatred.

The birthplace of a million young haters.

And they all want the same thing.

Kill the Jews.

That's all they know.

All they ever will know.

In every generation that came before us,

They would beat up the Jews.

Harass the Jews.

Chase the Jews.

Kill the Jews.

Always the Jews.

And usually, they got away with it.

But not this time.

No more.

This time, we will stand with Israel.

We will stand for the truth.

We will stand for freedom.

We will stand for life.

And so I want to say something.

Something for those kids in the bomb shelters.

The kids who can't keep their sheets dry at night, they're so scared.

The kids who are just like my own kids.

They just want to play with their friends.

See them at school.

They don't want to hide in holes in the ground.

We are with you.

We will always be with you.

You have many, many friends here in America.

And this is a message for Israel's leaders.

We will not forget you, nor forsake you.

We are brothers.

The nation of Israel lives... forever.


The Egyptian peace proposal is reported to include an immediate lifting of the sea blockade on Gaza, the opening of all border crossings and a halt to Israeli attacks on terrorists planning operations against Israel.

If that is the case, then Israel, we should be extremely worried.

Egypt should henceforth be called the Muslim Brotherhood. 
The Egypt which we all have known in over the last 30 years or so died with the election of the Brotherhood. We all know who the Brotherhood is and what they want; and it isn't too dissimilar to what Hamas crave.

Think about it, the charter of Hamas calls for the destruction of the State of Israel. What is the only thing stopping them from doing that? Well it is the security fence and tight borders from Gaza into Israel. 
With the Muslim Brotherhood taking control of the peace talks you know that we’re going to get screwed one way or another. Let’s not forget our mullah friends in Persia who are even more hell-bent on driving us to the sea than Hamas.

If that wasn't bad enough, enter the United Nations, stage left. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, who is liaising with the Muslim Brotherhood to facilitate a ceasefire, this is the same Secretary General who has censured Israel more times for apparent Human Rights violations than I have had hot dinners. 
The same Sec-General who refuses to take prompt action with regard to Darfur or the current civil war in Syria but will slam Israel for killing a cat by accident in the West Bank.

The UN corruption and anti-Semitism has got worse under his watch – yet he has the audacity to dictate terms to Israel in this case.

So Israel is under pressure from all of the above –So the next question you will ask is who will support Israel if the going gets tough?

The usual answer would be America – but not now.

Obama, like with other crisis’s is leading from behind. The Muslim Brotherhood & United Nations are the ones leading the peace talk charge this time round and we all know it is a farce. So you would think that President Obama would know that and stop that.

GREAT NEWS: HILLARY CLINTON HAS ARRIVED IN THE MIDDLE EAST. That should mean that America will take control of the situation right?

Well....not exactly.                    
Clinton‘s schedule is meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Wednesday, then she will meet with senior officials of the Palestinian government in the West Bank before heading to Cairo to meet with Egyptian leaders. 
What on earth do you reckon will come out of the Cairo meeting?

I would hope that Clinton exposes the Brotherhood for their blatant conflict of interest and tells them to step aside. I would also hope that she would tell Ban Ki Moon to leave it to her to deal with. 

What is the likelihood of that happening? Fat Chance

Clinton, like Obama, will cede to the United Nations (a-la the Law of Sea Treaty) and allow them to take control.  The U.N. will then follow the lead of the Brotherhood which is pushing for indefensible position of open borders. 

No one outside of Israel is willing to support a ground invasion into Gaza. That is code word for telling us that Israel DOES NOT have the right to do all that is necessary to protect its citizens.

What the above is telling Israel and the Jewish people is that ultimately we are on our own. Many people knew 
that already but the above just confirms it.

The road map for peace is quite simple and to do so I will quote former Prime Minister Golda Meir.

Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.


Monday, 19 November 2012

The Democrat Party of JFK & Bill Clinton died in 2012

By pitting American against American; Obama created a niche for him to run his re-election campaign on. Yes it was calculating, daring and un-American but it worked and he won. Ultimately, he was hoping that there were more receivers than givers in the country in order to facilitate his agenda.

What does his re-election say about America? It says that the Democrat party of JFK and Bill Clinton died on the 6th November 2012.

Remember this JFK quote:
And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country. 

Obama doesn't believe that for one second. If so, his campaign would've been about jobs, entrepreneurship and getting the country working towards prosperity.

The Obama phone woman is THE case in point of the problem with America at the moment.

Ill educated and clueless about anything in the world and in my opinion MUST NOT be the future of America. The American people are smarter than that drivel. 
They are smarter than what Obama and his liberal friends want you to believe.

America doesn't have a tax problem, it has a spending problem.
It doesn't have military spending out of control; it has a group of people who believe that they are due something for nothing problem.

Ronald Reagan put it fittingly when he said:
We should measure welfare's success by how many people leave welfare, not by how many are added.

Hand on heart; you couldn't say that Obama really believes that.

Welfare spending has gone through the roof in America since 2001 and it doesn't look like it will be stopping anytime soon under this President. Yes, Bush was also a big spender and didn't do much to curb it, but Obama has made it much worse.

Where are the Democrats who complained of credit card spending in 2003; when you see Obama’s spending history as President?

Where are the folks in the Democratic Party who know that spending is out of control and that class warfare is not the answer?  

Where is that Senator from Illinois who said that raising the debt ceiling was a sign of failed leadership?

Where has fiscal sanity gone? Blame the Tea Party all you like, but they know that over spending and debt is the biggest threat this economy faces. Blaming problems on the 1% is a fallacy which will come out over time as the biggest load of bull. 

Look at the fiscal cliff nightmare; Obama will not budge in implementing proper spending cuts other than the military which is a tiny portion of the American federal expenditure. 

He isn't interested in getting people off the welfare rolls but rather preserving it for generations. Social Security is broke and Medicare is bleeding money and going bankrupt but Obama thinks it is better to tax the top 1% a little more and cut an already downsized military in an increasingly dangerous world.

The problem with welfare spending is that sooner rather than later, you will run out of someone else’s money.

     JFK asked what you can do for your country.

      Bill Clinton said that the era of big government was over.

Based on the above, it is hard to say that Obama is anywhere close to those two.  

Friday, 9 November 2012


The election is over. Obama won; America lost (in my opinion).

The Romney campaign was well drilled and exceeded expectations, but as a commentator put it America had a choice of free stuff or freedom; they chose....free stuff.

I will not go into specifics of this election because no one really cares but put it simply, the nation is divided down the middle. Obama got his people to the polls in their millions - Romney, amazingly fell short. The 'get out the vote drive' for Obama was similar to what Bush43 managed to do in '04. Certain people underestimated that, including me. 
I didn't think that a negative campaign, with no solutions to the dire state of the union with mass class warfare is what America wanted. It appears that the America that we all knew, is no longer.

This election was huge and has dire consequences.

·    ObamaCare is now law and will NEVER be repealed. It will never be replaced either. Can you imagine anyone repealing an entitlement? Look at how contentious the issues is of Social Security. The Supreme Court said it was constitutional as a tax increase so that means when it comes into force,the American people are facing the biggest tax increase in history and not just for the top 1%. 
    The Bush/Obama tax cuts: come the beginning of the year, every America, not just the top 1% will pay more. That includes Capital Gains by the way. Notice how Wall Street responded to the Obama win.Blip or the norm?

    The jobs market is a real concern; along with the debt and deficit makes things look dire.The Obama track record is shocking with consecutive $trillion + deficits and hyper regulation. 

Those are things to take home after Tuesday night.The choice was as clear as it has every been but America lost.

The American people may rue the day where they decided to toss logic and common-sense out for the sake of a sugar high. Those who have a "sugar high" will lose it very suddenly which can cause headaches when it is gone. The Obama supporters may feel those effects kicking in at the beginning of 2013.

Going forward - it is now clearer than ever that the GOP has a real Hispanic problem. Whether you think it is fair or not; the GOP have been terrible with the Hispanic vote since 2004.

Answer: Amnesty? Heck no.

What the GOP needs to do, is start a mass voter registration drive/outreach to Hispanic leaders and communities. They are conservative, religious and for the rule of the law. However they haven't been hearing the truth. Just like Obama was telling the people the "truth" about Romney and Bain, so to must we have some out their talking about why conservatism is essential. 
Having a Rubio or a Martinez on a ticket will help but it is much more important than that. 
We must say whilst we are against illegal immigration; we are not going to deport millions of people from their homes; nor are we are going round them up and throw them back over the border. We have to work on two essential issues:

  1.            Erect a security fence along the border of Mexico
  2.            Streamline legal immigration.

At the same time, we need to tell folks about what we have in common. We need to explain to them that whilst we are not going to round you up, we do need to have a fence for national security reason to save lives and improve your job. Lowering taxes and giving you more take home pay will also come from that policy. 
Right now the Hispanic communities haven’t heard from conservatives. They have only heard the talking points from Obama & Co. It is time to take the issue back. 

I sincerely believe that America is at heart a centre-right nation; we just need proper organisation on the ground to do that.
The GOP can learn from Rick Santorum during the Iowa Caucuses in 2008. He didn't have a prayer and was looking out of it on the day of election, but, he managed to pull it off and win. How? He spent months meeting people, meeting churches, small businesses and voters. Politics is local and Santorum mastered that. 
The Santorum idea is what has to happen with Hispanic Americans. The RNC and other leaders need to spend their time on proper outreach and eloquently explain conservatism and why it is important for them. Having that ground game will blunt the negative attacks from the DNC and their demagoguery come election time.

I am not angry at the result, I am optimistic. It will be hard but I believe that it will be Morning in America once again.