Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Wisconsin Governor Recall Election

Scott Walker 53% (1,331,076) (pictured right)

Tom Barrett 46%  (1,158,337)

The victory for Republican Scott Walker (R) in the Wisconsin Recall Election by 7%, is a telling indicator for the November general election.

Tom Barrett (D) (pictured left), funded by Union's who heavily fund and are pivotal to the re-election effort of Barack Obama, were totally destroyed by Governor Walker.

A couple of telling signs from this election:

1- In spite of the large organisation from the Unions, they didn’t manage to get close to Gov. Walker.

2- President Obama stayed away during this election; not visiting Wisconsin once to help elect Tom Barrett. In other words he voted present (sound familiar).

3- Gov. Walker robustly stayed on message; detailing his accomplishments since taking office. When Barrett and his Union cohorts slammed him about donors and 1%, he pivoted back to the facts which were favourable to him. (A surpluss from a deficit through lowering taxes and cutting spending and a falling unemployment level).

4- If Obama had a record to run on, he would campaign like Governor Walker did; since he can’t do that, he will do exactly what the Tom Barrett and his Union funded campaign did, which was character assassination.

This result is the biggest endorsement of conservative minded philosophy and policies and body blow to Union's, the DNC and, whether he likes it or not, President Obama.

Not since 1984 (Ronald Reagan) have the Republicans won Wisconsin in a General Election.

This November, Wisconsin and its 10 Electoral College votes will be going to the RED CORNER!