Monday, 24 August 2009


The disgraceful ruling from the United Kingdom to release unrepentant terrorist Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi early from a life sentence on “compassionate” grounds should make your blood boil. The fact that Gordon Brown and Peter Mandelson not only allowed but championed the idea makes me sick to my stomach.
Talking about sick, reports suggest that Convicted Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff is dying of cancer in his North Carolina prison cell. Surely Kenny MacAskill, First Minister Alex Salmond, Prime Minster Brown and Peter Mandelson should be screaming for his early release on the same grounds of compassion?

Thursday, 6 August 2009


With America deeply in divided about President Obama’s healthcare bill, the Republic must stand up as one. Fair-minded Americans are seeing what this bill will do and are voicing their concerns loud and clear. In August the entire congress goes on leave for the summer recess. The majority of congressmen go back to their states and hold town hall meetings. Every single senator, representative and congressional aide is being bombarded with angry messages from constituents, and rightfully so.

Senator Jim De-Mint of North Carolina, a Republican, has voiced serious concerns about the “reform” that Obama is proposing. Obama has responded by using a prime time press conference to demonise the Senator and accuse doctor’s of major ethics violations just for the sake of the money. Now I know that the president is arrogant and to suggest that he isn’t is ludicrous. However, an alarming pattern is starting to develop. 200 days ago, Americans were drawn into Obama’s ‘new dawn’ but are now feeling the heat. Some would say that was just blind faith. I say that Obama is one of the greatest snake-oil salesmen in American history and you can’t simply blame his victims. For all of their faults President Clinton and George W Bush, respected the voters and honestly saw America as a shining city upon a hill whose beacon guides freedom-loving people everywhere. It’s clear from his speeches and deference to dictators and tyrants around the world that Obama sees America as the aggressor and as being the problem not the solution. On that view, the American people need to begin responding now. The next midterm elections are scheduled for November 2, 2010: and that is where the first major battle will be joined.

But the strategy must be prepared right now.

The American people are disillusioned with both political parties and have lost trust in their elected lawmakers. They feel that American pride is being sullied for the sake of European plaudits and that their independence and future prosperity are being ground down into socialism under the guise of a recovery plan. Sooner or later the voters will become too weary to fight back. The Republic needs a tough-minded, strong-willed and patriotic individual to lead from the front. In short they need a new Ronald Reagan.
Someone who couldn’t care less what Europeans or others think of America because he is a champion of the decent values that America is all about. America at this moment in time is drifting into the abyss of European-style Socialism. Take it from a Brit living with the failings of socialised medicine, multiculturalism and open borders; you don’t want to go anywhere near this.

America needs a clearly contrasting alternative now and one that can offer real hope and genuine change. The new Reagan must be common-sense minded and be untainted by the current congress. That person must be willing to say what they mean and mean what they say. And speak from the heart, not the teleprompter. If I were to pit one individual against Obama in 2012 they would have to be able to engage him as forcefully on the economy as on foreign policy. People have said that Sarah Palin could be the one, or Mitt Romney. Both of them, in my opinion, are solid VP picks but don’t quite cut the mustard. My choice is Newt Gingrich.

America’s leadership needs to be grounded in common sense not cuffed in ideology. For Clinton the issue was the deficit. For Bush II it was 9/11 and the war on terror. Both of them fought hard for America’s values of freedom and prosperity. Obama is rubbishing the efforts of these predecessors and throwing them down the toilet of Socialism. If the American people ever wake up to this, they will find themselves living in a nanny state within a union that has lost its leadership of the free world.

America: I am going to be honest with you right now. You were first dazzled by the Obama dawn, then blinded to the swift erosion of American principles and are now feeling distinctly burned. This was not a warming sunrise but a burst of toxic radiation.

Take heart from the Iranian dissidents who felt their votes were stolen. Those who Obama was so slow to support and encourage. America’s votes were also stolen – in your case by a slick-talking snake oil salesman backed by a fawning media who would see and hear no evil and bought and paid-for by left-wing billionaires opposed to the very idea of nation statehood.

Unlike Iran, America is still a free society. People can make a stand without disappearing in the middle of the night. Start telling your elected representatives what you consider to be the right things to do and to represent common sense. Obama isn’t going to change, his books and rhetoric are clear for all to see.

The declaration reads: WE THE PEOPLE not WE THE GOVERNMENT.
People make a difference not governments. Look at Joanna Lumley in the UK who fought for the Ghurkhas and won against all the odds. History teaches us that when you focus your mind and your intentions are honest and true, you will succeed. It may be difficult but that’s life. Did you think that the abolition of slavery was easy for Lincoln?

Those who think Obama and the current congress are destroying the very fabric of the great nation they grew up in must speak up now or risk losing the freedoms they have long taken for granted.

Invest in real solutions not fake stimulus. Invest in ideas that enrich and empower people not the porked-up carcass of government.

Commonsense leadership needs to step up to the plate now.
Opening batsman: Newt Gingrich.
Read his books, watch his blog at Newt.Org
Judge for yourself.