Wednesday, 24 June 2009


FOX News' Major Garrett presses President Obama on toughening stance on Iranian protests. Could this be the first tough question that President Obama has faced from the media?

Decide for yourself and see what he had to say.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


As the voices of the Iranian people are struggling to be heard, it is essential that our elected leaders and the international community speak up for freedom.

I believe very much in the looking at history and learning from it. President Barack Obama has stated throughout this crisis that he doesnt want America to be used as a political pawn so he is staying out of it. Whereas if you turn back to 1981 and watch the link below, you will be amazed to see what President Reagan had to say during a similar crisis.

Sunday, 7 June 2009


Who could have forgotten that picture??? This picture was taken September 2006 after Tony Blair finally informed the public of the date that he would be stepping down as Prime Minister.

What people may not remember is that seven Ministerial Parliamentary aides quit in protest at Tony Blair’s refusal to name the day of his resignation.
I still remember that day and watching the news with astonishment at what Gordon Brown had done to Tony Blair. I was incensed, not because I am a massive Tony Blair supporter, but I simply didn’t like the idea that he was being lynched. Tony Blair had just recently led his Labour Party to a 3rd consecutive general election victory and here you had a power hungry chancellor, orchestrating the downfall of one of the most successful prime ministers in British history.

Nevertheless, Mr. Blair was forced to announce a date that he would be resigning, which then sparked a Labour leadership election. Unfortunately, there was not a soul around other than Gordon Brown that had the credentials and the authority to take on the leadership, which consequently resulted in Brown becoming Prime Minister.

Why am I talking now about events that took place in 2006?

If you haven’t followed the news this week then please let me give you a brief update:

• On Thursday night, James Purnell resigned from the cabinet and insisted that Gordon Brown resign as leader of the Labour Party.
• The next day, when the PM was carrying out an emergency cabinet reshuffle, he learned that 3 more members of his cabinet had resigned along with 2 MPs. The latter would now spark a by-election.
• The public learned that the PM was desperate to move Chancellor Alistair Darling and promote his buddy Ed Balls. Reports indicate that the PM asked Mr. Darling to resign but the Chancellor stood firm therefore asking Brown to sack him.
• Caroline Flint was one of the Cabinet members who resigned and she left with a parting shot to the PM by saying in a letter “I have the greatest respect for the women who have served as full members of Cabinet and for those who attend as and when required. However, few are allowed into your inner circle. Several of the women attending Cabinet — myself included — have been treated by you as little more than female window dressing. I am not willing to attend Cabinet in a peripheral capacity any longer.”
• Unconfirmed reports indicate that Foreign Secretary David Miliband was persuaded by Lord Mandelson not to resign.
• Gordon Brown invited Sir Alan Sugar, the host of the reality TV show “The Apprentice” to join his government as an Enterprise Tsar.

On top of all of that, there were local and European elections in the country last Thursday that have already seen Labour post record losses before even counting the European election votes.

So it seems like the whole of Gordon Brown’s political life is coming crashing down upon him. For me, his demise is sweet. Some people believe in the idea of putting your country first. Brooding Prime Minister Brown seems to have other priorities and his lust for power has come back to haunt him. What Labour colleagues are doing to Gordon Brown is exactly what Brown did to Blair in 2006. If Tony Blair opts to toast Gordon Brown’s demise with a broad smile on his face, who would deny him that?

People will soon start writing Brown’s political obituary and will look for a cause of death. My answer won’t be the expense scandal, the recession, smears or his appaling handling of the Ghurkhas. Whilst these certainly cut him up, the death blow for Brown’s permiership came on the October 6th 2007 in an interview with Andrew Marr of the BBC when he called off a general election. Ever since then, he has struggled to regain the authority he once had on the world stage as Chancellor.

The only thing that Sir Alan Sugar will be telling Gordon Brown of any significance is…………