Wednesday, 25 March 2009


So Likud will form the next Israeli government under the old/new leadership of Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu. Whilst I congratulate the Likud on achieving this honour, one thinks that it might not last too long. The fact that there has been something like ‘400’ governments in the country since 1948 should tell you something about the system. Yes, people can and will blame the system and I agree it is in desperate need of reform. However, the real blame should go to the politicians and not the system. One of the things that I can’t tolerate is corruption in any walks of life but especially when it comes from elected officials. 9 times out of 10 they stay in power until they are convicted of whatever it is they are accused of doing. Yes we should live in a world of innocent until proven guilty, but when it comes to running our country we must ensure that people have trust in the officials that they elected. Prime Minister Ehud Olmeret has been under investigation for it seems like forever now but you would have thought that he’d have stepped down by now until everything was cleared up. WRONG. He stayed on and on and on and has totally discredited the office of Prime Minister of Israel. So yes, at the same time as it is refreshing to see Ehud Olmeret finally leave the public arena, I am still very sceptical as I think most of the Israeli electorate are about the immediate future.

We can discuss the policies of the new Likud led government till the cows come home but for now Bibi has a huge problem on his hands.


The fact that Likud didn’t get a majority of the mandates on election night is a worry for Bibi. Kadima were in ruins, Olmeret was disgraced and Schalit was still being held by Hamas. You would think that all Bibi had to do was show up and he would have won handsomely, but the Israeli’s simply do not trust Bibi. They would have preferred to have suffered another 2 years of Kadima than to have Netanyahu behind the switch and calling the shots.

Mr Netanyahu it is time that you put an end to this! The Israeli public have suffered for far too long with the stench of corrupted officials and false promises.

My challenge to the new Prime Minister is as follows: on your first day in power when you take your seat in your new office, your first thoughts will naturally be about Iran, Gaza, Al-Qaeda, the economy, electoral reform and Schalit. All of these issues are legitimate and in urgent need of attention. In my opinion your first item of business should be to go on TV and tell the nation the following: “if any of my cabinet or party members are under any sort of investigation whatsoever, then they must resign pending the outcome of the investigation and that includes me”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; you must win back the trust of your people. Make the pledge, hold yourself to it and remind yourself every day. Then you can move onto the next item on the agenda...... FREE GILAD SCHALIT